Sunken treasures

Sunken treasures

Introducing Nocturne's new Shun story for Autumn/Winter 2017.
With fresh water shells & semi-precious stones crocheted in gold thread, the jewellery are like beautiful sculptures made up of forgotten objects found at the bottom of the ocean.

Images styled by Lauren Kennedy Malpas @its_laurenkennedy and photographed by Fiona Torre @fionatorre.

Shun Crochet Choker
Sculptural Swarovski Crystal and pink shell enhanced by the Shun Crochet Choker

Shun Pendant
Delicate 18K gold plated chain for the airy Shun Pendant

Shun Necklace
Traditional crochet hand-work and sheep leather
are the secrets behind the Shun Necklace

Shun Feather Pendant
The delicacy of ostrich feathers and mother-of-pearl
embodied by the Shun Feather Pendant 

Ryung Necklace
Get hooked with the Ryung Necklace's pink shells

Shun Earrings
Shine with The Shun Earrings's highlights

Sani Necklace
The Sani Necklace made of  rhinestones and
white turquoise.

Shun Bracelet
The Shun Bracelet's chain features the distinctive
Nocturne bi-coloured cube, iconic to the brand.