Feathers that will tickle your jewel fancy

Feathers that will tickle your jewel fancy

After months of waiting in the wings, feathers are now flying high.
As Ellie Pithers of British Vogue mentioned,
"Feathers bring an airy, poetic look to any kind of style".
The autumn catwalks were plump with them, determined to make plumes fabulous again.

At Nocturne, we have always considered feathers as the feminine staple adding sophistication to any outfit.

Sophia Earrings

Sophia earrings and necklace

Our floaty feathers are ready to spray upwards on your favorite cocktail dresses.
We combine 
delicate Swarovski crystal with stunning Lady Amherst Pheasant and Ostrich feathers.

Rana Choker

Ray Feather Pendant

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